SSS Sickness Notification Form 2023

It is essential for organizations to ensure the safety and well-being of their employees in the workplace. However, accidents and illnesses can still occur despite all the safety protocols in place. That is why the Philippines Social Security System has developed the SSS Sickness Notification Form to provide support to employees who suffer from sickness or disability.

This notification form is required when an employee takes a leave of absence due to illness or injury that will last for more than five days. It must be properly filled out and submitted to the employer and the SSS within a specified timeline along with supporting documents like medical certificates, test results, and ID Cards.

Failure to comply with this requirement may lead to the employee’s loss of benefits and delays in the processing of their claims. The form needs to be notarized before submission to the SSS. In this article, we shall take a closer look at the SSS Sickness Notification Form, its purpose, and the step-by-step process of filling it out.

It is crucial to understand the importance of this form to ensure that employees receive the necessary support they need during times of sickness or disability.

What is the SSS Sickness Notification Form?

The SSS Sickness Form is a formal document utilized by Social Security in the Philippines to acquire information about the medical condition and the inability of an individual to work.

However, this form is crucial in determining the eligibility and entitlement of an individual for the sickness benefit claim that the SSS offers.

The form must be filled out by the individual who is not able to work, and it should be supported by necessary documents such as medical certificates, hospital admission or discharge papers, and prescriptions from the attending physician.

Upon submission of the form by the individual, the SSS conducts an investigation to verify the authenticity of the submitted documents.

Upon confirmation of the illness and inability to work, the SSS can then grant the sickness benefit claim that is equivalent to the specific number of days of inactivity, provided that the eligibility criteria and compliance requirements set forth by the guidelines have been met. 

Therefore, the SSS Sickness Notification Form plays an essential role in ensuring the timely provision of financial assistance to those who are unable to work due to illness. 

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How can you apply for the SSS Sickness Benefit?

To apply for the SSS Sickness Benefit, you must send the Sickness Notification Form directly to the SSS or through your employer, accompanied by the necessary documents.

Proof of necessary confinement, hospitalization, or documents supporting your incapacity must be submitted together with the notification.

When should you file the SSS Sickness Form?

The member must file the SSS Sickness Notification Form within five calendar days after the first day of confinement or treatment of the illness.

Failure to file within the given time frame may result in a forfeiture of benefit.

What are the requirements to submit with  Sickness Notification Form?

To apply for SSS Sickness Benefit, the member must submit any of the following documents depending on the situation’s nature:

  • A certificate of confinement or hospitalization;
  • A medical certificate;
  • A claim for sickness benefit;
  • The original and approved SSS Sickness Benefit Reimbursement Application (SBA) Form, and;
  • Two valid IDs.

How to Fill Out SSS Form Sickness?

When filling out the SSS Sickness Notification Form, it is important to follow the guidelines and requirements set forth by the SS.

First, make sure to include your complete and accurate personal information, such as your name, birthdate, and SSS number.

Next, provide a detailed description of your illness or sickness, including the date of onset and any medical treatment received.

Moreover, it is also necessary to attach a medical certificate from a licensed physician or hospital.

In addition, if your illness requires hospitalization, indicate the name and address of the hospital where you are currently admitted.

Lastly, ensure that all information provided is true and correct to the best of your knowledge.

Filing the SSS Sickness Notification Form in a timely and accurate manner will enable you to receive the necessary benefits and assistance from SSS during your time of illness. 

What are the sections in the SSS Sickness Form?

The Form  consists of six sections:

  1. Section A: Member and Employer/Payor Information
  2. Section B: Certification by Responsible Officer
  3. Section C: Referring to Doctor’s Information
  4. Section D: Physician’s Information
  5. Section E: Member’s Information and Certification
  6. Section F: Acknowledgment Receipt


Download PDF Here

How to properly fill out personal and employment information on the form?

In section A, the member should provide personal and employment information.

The member should indicate their full name, SSS number, and contact information, including their mailing address, telephone number, and email address.

The employer or payor information should also be provided if the member is employed.

How to indicate the start and end date of sickness on the form?

In Section E, the member should indicate the start and end of their sickness or injury. The date should be indicated in MM/DD/YYYY format.

Moreover, the section requires the member to certify that they are unable to work due to sickness or injury.

Submitting SSS Sickness Notification Form Online

It is imperative for employees to report their sickness or illness to their Social Security System in a timely and efficient manner.

Fortunately, the SSS has made it more convenient for users with the option of submitting their sickness notification form online.

Thus, this online facility allows members to update their SSS records promptly, reducing the risks of errors and delays. Moreover, the web-based platform is easy to navigate, and users can access it 24/7.

Each notification form requires the member’s personal details, company and supervisor information, and details regarding the nature of the illness or condition being reported.

Upon submitting the form, the SSS will immediately process the sickness notification and provide feedback through email or SMS.

Members can also follow up on their request’s status through the online inquiry facility or by contacting the SSS hotline.

By using the online facility, members contribute to the timely processing of their benefits, assuring them of the assistance they need during their time of need. 

How to submit the SSS Sickness Notification Form online?

To submit an SSS Sickness Notification Form online, one can visit the official website and log in to their account.

From there, they can access the Sickness Benefit Application or download it from here and fill out the necessary details.

The form must be submitted with the required medical documents, such as a medical certificate and prescription receipts.

It is important to ensure that all information provided is accurate and complete to avoid complications in the application process. 

What are the necessary steps to get sickness benefits on the SSS website?

To apply online, members must register their accounts on the SSS website.

Once registered, the member must fill out the SSS Sickness Notification Form online, attach the necessary documents, and submit them through the website.

After submitting the form, a transaction number will be given to the member, which they can use to check the status of their application.

What are the other forms that can be submitted together with the SSS Sickness Notification Form?

The SSS Sickness Notification Form should be submitted with any of the following, depending on the confinement’s nature:

Certificate of confinement or hospitalization, medical certificate, the claim for sickness benefit, original and approved SSS SBA Form, and two valid IDs.

SSS Sickness Benefit Reimbursement Application

If you can’t work due to an illness or injury, the SSS Sickness Benefit Reimbursement Application may provide some relief.

The Social Security System Philippines offers this benefit to help cover expenses for medical treatment and medication.

An applicant may receive up to 90 days’ worth of benefits depending on the severity of their condition, as long as they have paid the necessary contributions and meet the required qualifications.

Further, Applicants should also check for any additional requirements depending on their specific situation.

This application can provide financial assistance and peace of mind during a difficult time, but it is important to understand its limitations and qualifications. 


SSS Sickness Benefit Reimbursement Application - Page 1
SSS Sickness Benefit Reimbursement Application - Page 2
SSS Sickness Benefit Reimbursement Application - Page 3

Download PDF Here

How to apply for SBA?

To apply for the benefit, an applicant must fill out the Sickness Benefit Application Form and submit it with other relevant documents such as medical certificates and receipts.

It is important to note that the reimbursement amount is subject to certain limitations and is not intended to cover all medical expenses.

What are the requirements to submit SBA?

To apply for SSS Sickness Benefit Reimbursement, the member should submit the Original and Approved SSS SBA Form, Official Receipts for medicines, and hospital bills.

Tips for SSS Sickness Notification Form

To ensure that the process runs smoothly, it is important to follow a few key tips.

Firstly, fill out the form promptly and accurately, ensuring that all relevant details are included.

It is important to also provide a detailed description of the illness or injury, along with any medical certificates or documents that support this. 

Another important tip is to follow up with the SSS to ensure that the claim has been processed and approved. This can help to avoid any delays or complications with the benefit payout.

By following these simple tips, employees can ensure that they receive the necessary assistance from the SSS during times of sickness or injury. 

What is the duration of the sickness benefit?

The duration of the SSS Sickness Benefit is a maximum of 120 days in one year, but the actual amount and duration depend on the member’s number of contributions as well as their salary.

What are the other benefits offered by SSS?

Apart from Sickness Benefits, the SSS also offers other benefits such as Retirement Benefits, Funeral Benefits, and Disability Benefits.

How can you check the status of your SSS Sickness Notification Form?

To determine the status of your SSS Sickness Notification Form, one can visit the nearest SSS branch or utilize their online portal.

The former requires you to present a valid ID and the application number of your form. On the other hand, the latter only requires a registered account on the SSS website.

Checking the status of your Sickness Notification Form is a crucial step to ensure that your claim has been received and is being processed accordingly.

SSS Provides Sickness Benefits for COVID-Positive Workers in Home Confinement

Here are some key details about the SSS clarification on sickness benefits for COVID-infected workers:

  • The SSS stated that workers infected with COVID-19 who are under home quarantine or confinement are eligible to apply for sickness benefits under the agency’s program.
  • This clarification came after some media reports suggested COVID-19-infected workers were not covered by SSS sickness benefits. The reports created confusion.
  • To avail of the benefits, COVID-19-positive workers must notify their employers and submit necessary documents like medical certificates, proof of confinement, and other requirements to SSS.
  • The sickness benefit is equivalent to 90% of the employee’s average daily salary credit. It covers up to 120 days in a calendar year for the same illness.
  • SSS emphasized that COVID-19 infection is like any other illness covered by its rules on sickness benefits. The entitlement is in the law and has been the practice even before the pandemic.
  • The reminder was issued amid rising COVID cases again in the country as the SSS wants to assure members that financial aid is available if they contract the disease.

Final Summary

Overall, sickness and injury can happen to anyone, but with the SSS Sickness Benefit, members can get financial assistance during their sick days.

By filling out the SSS Sickness Notification Form, members can apply for the SSS Sickness Benefit and ensure that their claims get processed smoothly.

The SSS clarified that COVID-19-infected workers can avail of existing sickness benefits if requirements are met, contrary to inaccurate reports. It aims to assure members that financial assistance is ready under its program.

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