Filling Out the SSS Annual Confirmation of Pensioner (ACOP) Form

The Annual Confirmation of Pensioner (ACOP) form is an important document that pensioners of the Social Security System (SSS) in the Philippines need to accomplish every year.

This form serves as a certification that the pensioner is still alive and entitled to receive their monthly pension. Failure to submit the ACOP can result in the suspension of pension payments. So it’s crucial for SSS pensioners to know how to properly fill out and submit this form.

Understanding the ACOP Form

The ACOP is a simple one-page form with sections for personal information, bank details, certification, and signature. Pensioners just need to fill out basic details like name, SSS number, address, bank account number where the pension is credited, and sign to certify they are still alive.

The form needs to be submitted to SSS on a yearly basis, either in person at a branch or online through the My.SSS portal.

Some key pointers when filling out the ACOP:

  • Make sure to write legibly to avoid errors in personal details
  • Double check SSS number, bank details, and address are accurate
  • Sign with the signature submitted to SSS to avoid issues authenticating
  • Submit on time before the deadline to ensure continuous pension releases

When and How to Submit the ACOP

SSS sends the ACOP forms out to pensioners, who need to accomplish and submit them back. Here are the timelines and ways to submit the ACOP:

  1. Schedule: SSS distributes the forms in October and pensioners need to submit them back by December 1. This schedule may change so check the latest updates on the SSS website.
  2. Submit in Person: Pensioners can fill out and submit the form at their nearest SSS branch. Bring an ID for verification. Make sure to get the receiving copy as proof of submission.
  3. Submit Online: Pensioners who have an My.SSS account can log in and look for the online ACOP to fill out and submit digitally. Print or save a copy of the online receipt.
  4. Mail Submission: Pensioners can also mail in the accomplished ACOP form via registered mail to the SSS Main Office. Keep the mailing receipt.
  5. Assisted Submission: If a pensioner is unable to submit the form themselves, an authorized representative can submit the ACOP on their behalf. Proper authorization documents are required.

What Happens if You Don’t Submit the ACOP

Failure to submit the accomplished ACOP form on time can lead to problems like:

  • Non-receipt of monthly pension payments
  • Access to SSS services and benefits get suspended
  • Delays due to need to update records or do late submission
  • Possible restoration fee if pension needs reactivation after suspension

To avoid issues, pensioners should mark their calendars and submit the ACOP diligently every year. If problems arise, immediately contact the SSS for assistance and guidelines on next steps.

Other Important Reminders for Pensioners

Aside from the ACOP, pensioners need to remember these other guidelines:

  1. Inform SSS of travel abroad – For travel longer than 6 months to avoid suspension of pension. Submit the required documents like itinerary and passport copy.
  2. Update records for changed details – If there are changes in address, contact number, bank account, civil status, beneficiaries, or dependent’s age, inform SSS right away.
  3. Follow through with regular checkups – For Disability and Retirement pension, comply with the annual check up schedules and submit doctor’s updates to SSS.
  4. Notify SSS of intent to return to work – For Retirement and Disability pensioners who want to return to employment or engage in business

Following these guidelines will help ensure pensioners continue to seamlessly receive their monthly SSS pensions.

Bottom Line

The SSS ACOP is a small but mandatory yearly requirement that keeps a pensioner qualified to receive ongoing payments.

By being aware of the ACOP process, diligently complying within the deadline, and keeping information updated, pensioners can avoid unnecessary disruptions to this valuable benefit.

A few minutes of time invested in the ACOP form will ensure the consistent arrival of the pension that SSS members worked hard for and now rely on in their retirement years.

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