SSS Contribution Calculator: Say Goodbye To Complicated Computations!

The Social Security System (SSS) is a crucial government agency in the Philippines that provides social security protection to Filipinos. The SSS offers various benefits, such as retirement, disability, and death benefits, to its members and their families.

SSS Contribution Calculator


However, calculating monthly contributions can be a tedious and confusing task, especially for those who are unfamiliar with the SSS system.

Fortunately, the SSS Contribution Calculator is a useful online tool that simplifies the process and ensures compliance with SSS requirements.

This calculator helps members easily compute their monthly contributions based on their salary and membership type. This tool is accessible to all SSS members and is free of charge.

By inputting relevant information, members can determine their contribution amount and avoid underpayment or overpayment, which can result in penalties or reduced benefits.

What is SSS?

The Social Security System (SSS) is a government-run program in the Philippines that aims to provide its members with various benefits depending on their membership type, monthly salary credit, and corresponding contribution requirements.

It was established in 1957 to provide social security protection to all Filipino workers in the private sector, including self-employed individuals and non-working spouses.

The SSS membership is mandatory for all employees who are at least 18 years old and earning a minimum monthly salary credit of Php 2,000.

The benefits of SSS membership include retirement, disability, death, funeral, sickness, and maternity benefits. The amount of benefits that a member can receive depends on their monthly salary credit and length of membership.

To avail of these benefits, it is important for members to regularly contribute to the SSS.

The SSS contribution is deducted from the employee's salary by the employer, while self-employed individuals and non-working spouses are required to pay the entire contribution.

It is crucial to keep track of SSS contributions to ensure eligibility for benefits and avoid penalties for late or non-payment.

Factors Affecting the Amount of SSS Contributions

Membership type and monthly salary credit are the two major factors that influence the number of contributions made by SSS members.

MSC or monthly salary credit is used to compute the coverage of benefits that a member is entitled to receive. It is the compensation base used in calculating the monthly salary credit of a member, which is based on their salary.

MSC is computed based on the member's total earnings for the month, including basic salary, overtime pay, and other allowances. It is important to calculate MSC accurately as this will determine the benefits that a member can receive from SSS.

Understanding membership types is also crucial in determining the amount of SSS contribution that a member needs to pay. There are different membership types under the SSS program, each with its corresponding contribution requirements.

Employed members have their SSS contribution deducted from their salary by their employers, while self-employed and non-working spouse members are required to pay the entire contribution.

It is important to comply with the corresponding contribution requirements to avail of the benefits provided by the SSS program.
You can check the SSS Contribution Table for the respective latest contribution rates.

Payment and Benefits Coverage By SSS

Payment methods and benefit coverage vary depending on the type of membership in the social security system of the Philippines.

For employed members, the contribution rate is deducted from their salary by their employer. On the other hand, self-employed and non-working spouse members are required to pay the entire contribution amount.

Payment methods also vary depending on membership type and can be done through banks, payment centers, and online platforms. It is important to note that the contribution table is subject to change, so it is essential to check the latest rates.

The social security system in the Philippines offers different benefits depending on membership type.

For example, employed members are entitled to sickness, maternity, and retirement benefits, while self-employed and voluntary members have the option to avail of these benefits by paying the corresponding contribution.

Retirement planning can also be facilitated through the social security system, as the amount of the SSS pension is calculated based on the retiree's average monthly salary credit over the last 120 months.

Online options are available for members to check their contributions and benefits, making it easier for them to keep track of their social security status.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is the SSS pension calculated for members who are about to retire?

The SSS Pension Formula calculates a retiree's average monthly salary credit over the last 120 months, subject to the Retirement Age Requirement.

The pension amount ranges from PHP 1,000 to PHP 20,000 per month, based on a maximum of 90% of the average monthly salary credit.

Use our SSS Pension Calculator to calculate your pension now!

2. Can a member change their membership type after already making SSS contributions?

Changing membership types may result in SSS contribution adjustments. Members should be aware of the corresponding contribution requirements for their desired membership type and consult with SSS for proper procedures.

3. What are the different benefits that the SSS system offers, and how do they vary depending on the membership type?

SSS Benefits vary depending on Membership Types and Contribution Requirements. Payment Methods vary as well.

Benefits include retirement, disability, death, maternity, and sickness benefits. Members must comply with corresponding contribution requirements to avail of benefits provided by SSS.

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