SSS Contribution Table for OFWs (Land-Based) in 2023: Updated Rates, Coverage, and Benefits

The Social Security System (SSS) contribution is an important consideration for every Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW). With the updated SSS contribution table for OFWs in 2023, it’s essential that OFWs understand how much they need to contribute based on their income and employment status.

This guide will provide a detailed breakdown of the new SSS premium payments for OFWs this year.

Why Is SSS Membership and Contribution Important for OFWs?

The SSS provides several social security benefits for its members including salary loans, maternity benefits, retirement pensions, disability benefits, funeral benefits, and more.

As an OFW, being an SSS member and paying your monthly contributions ensures that you and your beneficiaries can avail of these social security benefits.

OFWs who contribute regularly to SSS are building up their savings for when they eventually come back to the Philippines.

The retirement pension you get from SSS can provide income security after your working years. OFWs are mandated by law to be SSS members and pay contributions.

SSS Contribution Table for OFWs (Land-Based) in 2023

The contribution table for SSS depends on whether you are a land-based or sea-based OFW. Let’s look at the updated monthly contribution schedule for land-based OFWs in 2023:

Range of CompensationMonthly Salary CreditAmount of Contributions
Regular Social SecurityWorker’s Investment and Savings ProgramTotalRegular Social SecurityWorker’s Investment and Savings ProgramTotal
Below 8,250₱8,000₱8,000₱1,120₱1,120
₱8,250 – 8,749.99₱8,500₱8,500₱1,190₱1,190
₱8,750 – 9,249.99₱9,000₱9,000₱1,260₱1,260
₱9,250 – 9,749.99₱9,500₱9,500₱1,330₱1,330
₱9,750 – 10,249.99₱10,000₱10,000₱1,400₱1,400
₱10,250 – 10,749.99₱10,500₱10,500₱1,470₱1,470
₱10,750 – 11,249.99₱11,000₱11,000₱1,540₱1,540
₱11,250 – 11,749.99₱11,500₱11,500₱1,610₱1,610
₱11,750 – 12,249.99₱12,000₱12,000₱1,680₱1,680
₱12,250 – 12,749.99₱12,500₱12,500₱1,750₱1,750
₱12,750 – 13,249.99₱13,000₱13,000₱1,820₱1,820
₱13,250 – 13,749.99₱13,500₱13,500₱1,890₱1,890
₱13,750 – 14,249.99₱14,000₱14,000₱1,960₱1,960
₱14,250 – 14,749.99₱14,500₱14,500₱2,030₱2,030
₱14,750 – 15,249.99₱15,000₱15,000₱2,100₱2,100
₱15,250 – 15,749.99₱15,500₱15,500₱2,170₱2,170
₱15,750 – 16,249.99₱16,000₱16,000₱2,240₱2,240
₱16,250 – 16,749.99₱16,500₱16,500₱2,310₱2,310
₱16,750 – 17,249.99₱17,000₱17,000₱2,380₱2,380
₱17,250 – 17,749.99₱17,500₱17,500₱2,450₱2,450
₱17,750 – 18,249.99₱18,000₱18,000₱2,520₱2,520
₱18,250 – 18,749.99₱18,500₱18,500₱2,590₱2,590
₱18,750 – 19,249.99₱19,000₱19,000₱2,660₱2,660
₱19,250 – 19,749.99₱19,500₱19,500₱2,730₱2,730
₱19,750 – 20,249.99₱20,000₱20,000₱2,800₱2,800
₱20,250 – 20,749.99₱20,000₱500₱20,500₱2,800₱70₱2,870
₱20,750 – 21,249.99₱20,000₱1,000₱21,000₱2,800₱140₱2,940
₱21,250 – 21,749.99₱20,000₱1,500₱21,500₱2,800₱210₱3,010
₱21,750 – 22,249.99₱20,000₱2,000₱22,000₱2,800₱280₱3,080
₱22,250 – 22,749.99₱20,000₱2,500₱22,500₱2,800₱350₱3,150
₱22,750 – 23,249.99₱20,000₱3,000₱23,000₱2,800₱420₱3,220
₱23,250 – 23,749.99₱20,000₱3,500₱23,500₱2,800₱490₱3,290
₱23,750 – 24,249.99₱20,000₱4,000₱24,000₱2,800₱560₱3,360
₱24,250 – 24,749.99₱20,000₱4,500₱24,500₱2,800₱630₱3,430
₱24,750 – 25,249.99₱20,000₱5,000₱25,000₱2,800₱700₱3,500
₱25,250 – 25,749.99₱20,000₱5,500₱25,500₱2,800₱770₱3,570
₱25,750 – 25,249.99₱20,000₱6,000₱26,000₱2,800₱840₱3,640
₱26,250 – 26,749.99₱20,000₱6,500₱26,500₱2,800₱910₱3,710
₱26,750 – 26,249.99₱20,000₱7,000₱27,000₱2,800₱980₱3,780
₱27,250 – 27,749.99₱20,000₱7,500₱27,500₱2,800₱1,050₱3,850
₱27,750 – 27,249.99₱20,000₱8,000₱28,000₱2,800₱1,120₱3,920
₱28,250 – 28,749.99₱20,000₱8,500₱28,500₱2,800₱1,190₱3,990
₱28,750 – 28,249.99₱20,000₱9,000₱29,000₱2,800₱1,260₱4,060
₱29,250 – 29,749.99₱20,000₱9,500₱29,500₱2,800₱1,330₱4,130
₱29,750 – Over₱20,000₱10,000₱30,000₱2,800₱1,400₱4,200

Source: SSS FB Page – OFW 2023

The first column shows the range of monthly compensation. This refers to your basic monthly salary as an OFW.

The second column shows the corresponding monthly SSS contribution. For land-based OFWs, the contribution rate is 14% of the monthly salary credit (MSC).

The maximum monthly SSS contribution for 2023 is PHP 4,200 based on the maximum monthly salary credit of PHP 30,000.

Take note that your employer shoulders a portion of the total SSS premiums. For OFWs, the employer contribution is 9.5% while the employee share is 9% or 12% depending on salary.

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How Much Are OFWs Required to Contribute to SSS?

If you are a land-based OFW, your monthly SSS contribution will depend on your salary and be based on the contribution tables above.

For example, if you are earning PHP 15,000 per month, your monthly SSS contribution is 14% of your salary or PHP 2100.

Take note that the total SSS premium is shared between the employee and employer. Your employer shoulders their portion based on your employment contract.

As an SSS member, you must remit your share every month. Payment deadlines are based on the last digit of your SS number.

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How Do OFWs Pay SSS Contributions from Abroad?

There are various payment facilities available for OFWs to pay SSS premiums while working abroad:

  • SSS Branch Office – You can visit an SSS office in person when you come home to the Philippines on vacation. SSS also has a number of global branch offices for OFWs located in Philippine embassies, consulates, and representative offices abroad.
  • SSS Online Payment Facilities – SSS has an online payment portal where you can pay your contributions by credit card, over-the-counter bank payment, or bank transfer.
  • Payroll Deduction – Some employers directly deduct the OFW’s share of SSS premiums from their monthly salary. This relieves the OFW of payment responsibilities.
  • SSS Representative Office – In countries with a large Filipino expat population, SSS has representative offices that can accept contributions.
  • Banks– Many banks have payment facilities for SSS contributions both in the Philippines and overseas branches.

As an OFW, it’s your responsibility to ensure SSS premium payments are up to date despite being abroad. You can monitor your payments and SS contributions through My.SSS account.

What Happens If an OFW Can’t Pay SSS Contributions?

Failure to pay SSS premiums has several implications:

  • You may incur late penalties if payments are delayed beyond the due date.
  • Your SSS membership may become involuntary if you are unable to contribute for at least 6 consecutive months. This limits your benefits.
  • Your future SSS benefits like pensions may be affected due to gaps in contribution payments.
  • You can lose eligibility to avail of SSS loans or partial withdrawals.

If you are unable to contribute as an OFW, you can file for voluntary membership when you return permanently to the Philippines.

This allows you to update your contributions and resume active membership status.

What are the SSS Benefits for OFW Members?

Registering and contributing diligently to SSS allows OFWs to qualify for the following benefits:

SSS Retirement Benefit

OFWs can claim retirement pensions monthly after reaching age 60 and pay at least 120 monthly SSS contributions prior to retirement.

SSS Disability Benefit

OFWs who suffered total/partial disability due to accident, injury, or illness can avail of cash assistance monthly. Dependents also get benefits in case an OFW dies from disability.

SSS Sickness Benefit

OFWs unable to work due to illness or sickness can receive up to 120 days’ worth of cash allowance based on their average daily salary credit.

SSS Maternity Benefit

Female OFWs who gave birth or suffered a miscarriage can claim up to 105 days’ worth of paid leave.

SSS Death Benefit

The family and beneficiaries of a deceased OFW member can claim burial assistance, monthly pension, and dependent’s allowance from SSS.

SSS Funeral Benefit

The qualified dependents of an OFW who died will receive cash assistance from SSS intended for funeral-related expenses.

SSS Unemployment Benefit

Involuntarily displaced or separated OFWs due to authorized causes can receive a cash allowance for up to two months while unemployed.

Clearly, SSS membership provides OFWs and their families with a comprehensive safety net and security. Make it a priority to pay contributions diligently every month.

SSS Contribution Amounts Will Change Yearly

The SSS reviews the contribution schedules and salary brackets yearly based on inflation and economic conditions. The monthly premium amounts are then adjusted accordingly.

This means the SSS monthly contribution table for OFWs in 2024 will likely increase across all salary brackets. As an OFW, you must stay updated on the changes to accurately compute your SSS obligations.

To Wrap Up on SSS Contributions for OFWs

  • SSS membership and contribution are mandatory for OFWs under Philippine law. Both land-based and sea-based OFWs must register.
  • Monthly SSS premium payments depend on your salary bracket and OFW status (land-based or sea-based). Tables outline the contribution percentage per bracket.
  • Total SSS contribution is shared between employer and employee. OFWs must pay their share every month.
  • There are various payment facilities for OFWs to remit SSS contributions from abroad.
  • Failure to pay premiums can lead to penalties, involuntary membership, and affect future SSS benefits.

Being an SSS member ensures that you and your beneficiaries can avail of valuable benefits in the future. As an OFW, stay up to date on your monthly obligations to maintain an active membership status.

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