SSS 13th Month Pension – Bonus Release to help Filipinos

Are you a Social Security System (SSS) pensioner? Every year, millions of Filipino citizens live off their pensions in order to make ends meet. But did you know that you may be entitled to a SSS 13th month pension bonus?

This bonus is provided by the Philippine government and could be a huge help for retirees looking to supplement their monthly income. In this blog post, we’ll explore what the 13th month pension is and how you can take advantage of it.

What is the SSS 13th Month Pension?

The Philippine government has established an additional source of income for its citizens who receive their SSS pension every month, called “13th Month Pension”. This one-time payment is granted annually, on December 15, to qualified retirees and disabled individuals over 65 years old receiving an SSS pension.

The amount of the 13th Month Pension varies depending on the type and amount of your retirement benefits; however, it can range from as low as ₱2,400 up to ₱20,000.

Who Qualifies for the SSS 13th Month Pension?

In order to qualify for the 13th month pension, retirees must be at least 65 years old and have received an SSS pension for at least 12 months prior to December 15.

Retirees who already receive an SSS disability benefit are also eligible for the 13th month; however, they must have received that benefit for at least 6 months prior to December 15.

What are the benefits of receiving a SSS 13th-month pension?

The 13th month pension serves as a source of income for retirees who need extra funds during their retirement years. This can help you cover daily expenses such as food, clothing, medication, and other necessary items that may not be included in your regular SSS retirement benefit.

Receiving this additional benefit can help lessen financial stress and allow retirees to focus on enjoying life after work. In addition, receiving a 13th-month pension can be beneficial if you plan to use it as an investment opportunity.

Since it’s a lump sum amount, you can save or invest some of it towards goals that can increase your net worth over time such as investing in stocks or mutual funds, so you have more funds available during retirement years and beyond.

How Can I Apply for the SSS 13th Month Pension?

Applying for the 13th Month Pension is easy. Simply complete and submit Form E-6B with your local SSS Office before November 30 each year. You might need to provide additional documents depending on your situation:

  • If you’re a retiree without any dependents or beneficiaries under 18 years old, then all you need is a photocopy of your valid ID (such as your driver’s license or passport).
  • If you have dependents or beneficiaries under 18 years old then you’ll need additional documents such as marriage certificate or birth certificates of your children/beneficiaries.

How much will I get?

The total amount received depends on several factors such as age and length of service but generally ranges from P2,400 – P8,400 per year.

This can change depending on recent amendments passed by the government so always check with your local SSS branch regarding specific amounts applicable under current laws. Generally speaking though:

  • Those aged sixty (60) years old but with at least twenty (20) years’ worth of contributions may expect up to P4,800/year;
  • Those aged sixty-five (65) years old but with at least five (5) years’ worth of contributions may expect up to P6,000/year;
  • Those aged seventy(70) years old but with at least two(2) years’ worth of contributions may expect up to P8,400/year;
  • Those permanently incapacitated who have been paying contributions for at least five (5) consecutive years prior to becoming disabled may receive up to P4,200/year.

How do I Calculate my Benefits?

Your SSS branch office can help calculate your benefits according to the latest regulations set forth by Congress since this varies from time to time depending on recent amendments passed into law.

The formula used involves multiplying your last twelve months’ salaries credited by three-fifths (.6 x 12 months = 7.2 months), then dividing your total salary credits by 7.2 months multiplied again by one-twelfth (.0833 x 7 / 2 = .416667 x 7 = 2p92).

This figure represents your annual contribution rate divided by twelve which gives you how much money you should expect based off your last 12 months’ pay stubs!

You can also calculate your general pension amount easily with our SSS Pension Calculator.

What Are Some Other Benefits Available To Retirees?

Aside from the 13th month pension there are several other benefits available to retirees through SSS:

  • Medical Assistance Program: This program provides financial assistance with medical bills once they reach more than Php 20,000 per year per beneficiary;
  • Emergency Loan Program: Through this program qualifying members may receive emergency loans up to Php 40,000 without having to present collateral;
  • Retirement Gratuity Benefit: This benefit provides members with one time cash grants equivalent up to six months’ worth of their current monthly salaries;
  • Compulsory Employer’s Contribution: Employers must contribute 1% of total employee salaries into SSS regularly in order to provide members with access to these benefits from childhood through retirement age;
  • Voluntary Contributions: Members may voluntarily contribute more money into their accounts which will be added onto their retirement benefits once they reach retirement age;
  • Pre-Retirement Counseling Services: Upon reaching 55 years old members can consult with a representative from the SSS in order build a plan towards comfortable retirement life .


The SSS 13th month bonus provided by Philippine Government can do wonders in helping Filipino citizens supplement their pensions. It helps lessen burden on daily expenses along with helping them attain their desired goals post-retirement such as investment opportunities in stocks/ mutual funds etc..

In addition to the release of 13th month pension, there are other benefits available such as medical assistance, emergency loan, retirement gratuity benefit, etc. which enable retired citizens enjoy life while they still able too.

In order to avail this benefit though, one must ensure they meet all criteria set by SSS. The process is relatively simple but requires adherence to certain eligibility requirements such as being 65+ years old and receiving your pension continuously for last 1 year.

Lastly one should note that even if they do not qualify now with current records kept, once the eligibility criteria is met, the bonus will be released.

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