How to Retrieve Your Lost or Forgotten SSS Number Online [Easy Ways To Find]

Have you lost or forgotten your SSS number? Don’t worry, you can easily find or retrieve your SSS ID number online. In this article, we’ll explain why your SSS number is important, the ways you can find your lost SSS ID number, and how to get a replacement SSS number if needed.

Your SSS number is your unique identifier registered with the Social Security System (SSS) in the Philippines. This 10-digit number is assigned by the SSS when you become an SSS member.

Your SSS number allows you to receive SSS benefits like salary loans, maternity benefits, retirement pensions, and more. Without an SSS number, you cannot access any services offered by the SSS. So it’s crucial to know your SSS ID number.

Let’s delve into more details.

Key Takeaways To Check and Retrieve Your SSS Number Online

Your SSS number enables access to SSS contributions, benefits and services. Without it, your SSS funds and entitlements are at risk. If you lose your number, don’t panic, simply:

  • Check your records, employers, and SSS account to retrieve it
  • Visit, call or email SSS for assistance in finding your number
  • Submit an SSS No. Finder Form if unable to get number through other means
  • Apply for SSS number replacement as a last resort only

Follow these steps to recover your lost or forgotten SSS number quickly. Be sure to save your SSS ID number securely going forward to avoid repeat issues in the future!

Why Is Your SSS ID Number Important?

The SSS number is vital for verifying your identity and accessing services with SSS. Here are some key reasons why your SSS ID number matters:

  • Accessing SSS Benefits – You need to provide your SSS number to apply for SSS salary loans, maternity benefits, monthly pension, sickness benefits, disability benefits and more. SSS uses your number to look up your contributions and eligibility.
  • Employer Reporting – Employers need your SSS number to report your contributions and remit payment. This ensures your account is properly credited.
  • Opening SSS Accounts – Your SSS number is required to open an online SSS account to view balances, pay contributions, etc.
  • Updating Records – You need to provide your SSS ID when informing SSS about changes in status, address, bank details etc.
  • Identity Verification – SSS number along with valid ID serves as proof of identification when transacting with SSS.

So clearly, your SSS number is needed for virtually all interactions and transactions with SSS. Forgetting it can prevent access to SSS services and benefits.

How Can You Lose or Forget Your SSS Number?

There are a few common reasons people forget or lose their SSS number:

  • Not recording it properly – Failing to keep a record of the SSS number slip when you first registered.
  • Lost ID/documents – Lost the UMID card, forms, or documents where you had noted the SSS ID number.
  • Changed jobs – Not updating SSS number when switching jobs. The new employer may not have your SSS record.
  • Long gap in contributions – Not contributing for many years, resulting in forgetting the number.
  • Multiple SSS accounts – Having more than one SSS account with different numbers, and mixing them up.
  • Data errors – Errors in SSS database showing a different number than the actual one assigned.
  • Identity theft – Someone illegally obtaining an SSS number using your name.

Being aware of these reasons can help avoid losing your SSS ID number. But what if you have already forgotten your SSS number, how can you retrieve it?

How to Find Your Lost or Forgotten SSS Number

If you’ve lost or forgotten your SSS number, don’t panic. Here are some easy ways to find your lost SSS ID number quickly:

Use the SSS Online Help Desk

If you cannot find your SSS number through past records, you can retrieve your forgotten SSS number online through the SSS website.

  1. Go to and click on “Contact Us”
  2. Click on “Inquire Online” to access the Online Help Desk
  3. Select “SS Number Verification” as the concern
  4. Fill in your name, birthdate, email and other details
  5. The SSS will verify your identity and email your SSS number

This SSS helpdesk allows you to get your lost SSS number without visiting a SSS branch office.

Check Your Payslip, Forms or SSS Documents

One of the fastest ways is to check your previous payslips, SSS forms, official letters, UMID ID, etc. where your SSS number is usually printed.

  • For employed members, employers have to print their employees’ SSS number on pay slips.
  • Self-employed members should have their SSS number on receipts, remittance forms (SS Form R-3, R-5), etc.

Reviewing these can jog your memory and help you retrieve lost or forgotten SSS number.

View Your SSS Number Online Via My.SSS Portal or Mobile App

The easiest way to view your social security number online is by logging into the My.SSS portal using your username and password.

If you are using SSS mobile app, you can see your SSS number below your name at the top center corner of the screen. You can also see your number on the details page, e-statements, forms, etc.

If you don’t have an SSS online account, register for one to instantly access your SSS number digitally. Once registered you’ll find your SSS ID number at the upper left side of the page below your complete name.

Check with Your Employer’s HR Department

For currently employed members, approach your company’s HR department. Inform them about your forgotten SSS number and request them to check your employee records where the SSS number is maintained.

Most companies will have your SSS number in their files, so HR can retrieve it for you. This saves you a trip to SSS office.

Visit the Nearest SSS Branch

Visiting a nearest SSS branch is another surefire way to get your lost SSS ID number.

Bring documents for identification like passport, driver’s license or PRC ID card. Inform the officer about your forgotten SSS number and request to retrieve it.

After verifying your identity, the officer of that respective SSS office can check your SSS number in their database and provide it.

Call the SSS Hotline

You can also get your SSS number by calling the SSS hotline at (02) 8920-6446 or the SSS Call Center at 920-6446.

Explain your situation to the agent like I want to know my SSS ID and give personal details like your name, birthdate, address, past employers etc. to confirm your SSS membership.

The call agent can then provide your SSS number over the phone after verifying your identity.

Find SSS Number on E1 Form

If you’re self-employed, check your most recent SSS E1 form filed for contributions. Your SSS number will be mentioned on the E1 form receipt.

So checking your existing SSS records is the fastest way to find your lost SSS ID number online.

Check Previous SSS ID Number

If you’ve changed your SSS number before, your old SSS number might still be in SSS records. You can request SSS to check past numbers issued to you.

Bring old supporting documents with your previous SSS number when visiting a branch or calling SSS hotline. SSS can crosscheck and provide the old number if found.

Through one of these methods – checking with employer, SSS portal, SSS branches, hotline, or SSS No. Finder form – you can get your forgotten SSS number promptly.

What If You Need to Get a New SSS Number?

In rare cases, your SSS number may be untraceable if there are no records under your name, e.g. due to identity theft.

If you are unable to retrieve your old SSS ID despite exhausting all options, you may need to apply for a new SSS number entirely as follows:

  • If never had an SSS number – Visit SSS branch and fill up SSS E1 Form to apply for an SSS number. Submit with ID and birth certificate.
  • If had SSS number before – Fill up SSS Form E-1, select option to replace lost number. Give reason and submit at SSS branch with ID proof.

Once approved, SSS will issue a new SSS number. They will mail your SS Number Slip to your registered address as proof.

Having an SSS number replaced can be time-consuming and complex. So try your best to find your original SSS number by checking with SSS, employers, and your records before considering a new number.

If you want to verify your SSS number, must check our article on the SSS Number Verification Online.

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